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We sell a process. Not a product.


Hearing loss can be a frustration for both the one experiencing the difficulty and for that individual's close friends and family. We will do our best to help you through the entire rehabilitative process.


This involves providing you with honest answers to all of your questions, supplying you with affordable solutions to fill your various needs, and giving you reliable service throughout the life of your hearing instruments.


Individual circumstances vary. You are more to us than just another pair of ears. We care about you and your success personally.


How may we help you?


Owners and Staff


Meet Our Professional Staff

All members of our staff have over 20 years of working with seniors and a long history in the Hearing Aid field.

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Richard Curry

  • Working as a specialist in the Metro-East community since 1996

  • President / Owner of Hearing Aid Solutions, Inc since 2004

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Katrina Curry

  • Executive Assistant

  • Decades of experience assisting with the needs of seniors and the elderly

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